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The Plymouth Ambulance Tactical Team (PATEMS) was established in June of 2000.  This tactical service was established in 1996 by The Montgomery Hospital Paramedics.  In June of 2000 the two services merged and the team was re-structured.  Additional personnel had been added to help support the many police departments we currently serve.  PATEMS currently offers 9 trained entry level operators, 2 MTOC's (command post liaisons) and our Squad Physician ( Medical Director) who is Military trained and  CONTOMS certified.  The Medical Director will respond to all call outs to offer direct medical command on scene, this also adds a unique caveat if further advanced care is required by an MD.  Our affiliations are wide spread supporting 17 primary police departments which unite to form a regional SWAT team known as CMSWAT (Central Montgomery Special Weapons And Tactics).  PATEMS provides primary coverage for the Borough of Norristown ERT (Emergency Response Team).  Additionally, PATEMS offers secondary assistance to other EMS tactical teams including the NPTRT (North Penn Tactical Response Team) and Pottstown CMERT (Chester Montgomery Emergency Response Team).   

Purpose: PATEMS is a select group of paramedics trained and equipped to provide pre-hospital emergency medical care in tactical environments, such as hostage/barricade situations, high risk warrants and any other adverse situation involving law enforcement and /or rescue operations where standard emergency medical service units are inappropriate.

Requirements: Active member of Plymouth Ambulance,  three years (3) as a paramedic with uninterrupted medical command in Montgomery County, with scheduled street time no less than 12 hours per month.

Successfully pass the interview process by the Tactical Board Members, which includes approval by all members of Board.

Successful completion of an established physical agility test.  (Medical problems and /or allergies must receive special evaluation due to strenuous physical activity and exposure to tear gases.)

Attend at least a combination of 70% of all training sessions, callouts, and team meetings during a calendar year.

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Plymouth Community Ambulance Association is a non-profit organization of volunteers and career personnel, who strive to provide the best  possible medical care to the residents and visitors of our community.  We are equipped with the latest advances in EMS equipment and are regional leaders in protocol and patient care procedure innovation.  Members of our organization serve on the regional medical advisory committee and statewide protocol committees.

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