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Plymouth Community Ambulance Association believes in the importance of the education of our community.  We believe the first step in the activation of the 911 system rests with the knowledge of the members of the community who are on scene.  By reaching out to residents in the area, we are able to educate and instruct the potentially life saving measures that can be put into motion before trained personnel arrives. 

Plymouth Ambulance offers the American Heart Association CPR program with AED training that can be modified to fit your needs.  We  also teach first aid, which can be added to the CPR criteria.  We are able to hold small classes in our training center for residents and their families, and we are also able to reach out to larger organizations and businesses in the area for employee education. 

Plymouth Ambulance also welcomes school groups or organizations for tours of the ambulance and a brief description of what EMTs and Paramedics do when they are called to your emergency. 

As most of Plymouth Ambulance’s employees/volunteers live in the community we serve, we know how important it is to maintain the most up to date medical techniques and equipment.   It has been proven to our organization multiple times how effective community education can be and we welcome you to join us.


For more information on CPR/first aid and other community education event requests, please email:

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Plymouth Community Ambulance Association is a non-profit organization of volunteers and career personnel, who strive to provide the best  possible medical care to the residents and visitors of our community.  We are equipped with the latest advances in EMS equipment and are regional leaders in protocol and patient care procedure innovation.  Members of our organization serve on the regional medical advisory committee and statewide protocol committees.

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